Not only is my design, the "Orb," the best way of preserving the deceased, but it is also the best way of encasing them .
Previously, many people preferred encasing the dead in coffins or cinerary urns.
However, I don't think any of those is the best method.
There are three reasons for this:
1: Encasing(just rapping) is the same as hiding.
2: They are very costly.
3: The deceased are easily forgotten in the future.
Therefore, the "Orb" has 3 concepts to resolve these problems:
1. Don't encase the deceased.
2. Save money by avoiding the use of hi-technology.
3. Various mournings can take place.

First, the deceased must be cremated.
Then, the clay balls must be burned in a Noborigama (a traditional Japanese climbing kiln). Burning the ceramic balls in the Noborigama makes each "Orb" unique.
Afterward, the ash remains of the deceased will melt on the surface of the clay balls and become glass.
Once all this is finished, there are "Orbs" for everyone who participated in the funeral.

In short, the "Orb" is like a crystal ball.
It is beautiful, easy to decorate, and easy to carry around
(so various mournings can take place).

Design : Koji Yamamoto, Daiki Umehara
Date : june 2013

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